Friday, March 30, 2007

The Labor Dance

Apparently there are loads of folk remedies that are said to help move things along for overly pregnant women -- sex, spicy food, walking, castor oil, peppermint tea...I'm sure there are plenty more, and if you know of one, feel free to pass it along. My osteopath suggested dancing around as a way to get her into position, and I like that idea since 1) it doesn't involve heartburn and 2) I can stay in my apartment and thus near a bathroom at all times. So, when I feel particularly desperate and have enough energy, I have been giving the labor dance a shot. It still feels pretty hit-or-miss, and I've been experimenting with music and steps. So far, I've tried out the following:

I Like to Do It (KC and the Sunshine Band)
Proud Mary (Tina and Ike)
Elvira (Oak Ridge Boys)
The Safety Dance (Men Without Hats)
The Farmer and the Cowman Should Be Friends (Oklahoma! soundtrack)

I'm sure that quite a few of you are thinking, "Good Lord, Pardon My French, no wonder she's not coming out -- you've got to pick better songs than that!" I know, I know, but that's what inspired me at the time. I'm thinking today I might try some Stones, but I really am open to any and all suggestions. I don't really feel like dancing at the moment but I'm desperate enough to stand up and bounce a little. Please help. People have reassured me that no child ever starts his or her first day of school while still inside the womb, but from my perspective it's hard not to suspect that it could happen.


Samantha said...

These posts just keep getting funnier and funnier. I'm selfishly praying that you stay pregnant FOREVER, just so I can keep reading these humorous posts!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my I hope Sam's wish doesn't come true. I'm sure you couldn't stand being pregnant all the time, so keep up the funnies and we'll hang in there with you. You stay bouncy and we'll give you a hug soon.

the fabulous adventures of sarah said...

Kenny Rodgers... you MUST try Kenny Rodgers!!

Think of you and wishing you well!

Lots of positive vibes from Maine!

Deb said...

LOL! That's a cute idea. Hope that the dancing works for you.

I tried some of the sure-fire ways to bring on labor, but they never worked for me.

The last thing I ate before my water broke was chili. Maybe that's what did it for me!

Reb said...

Elvira! Gitty up a oom papa oom papa mawmaw! My baby was late because I was listening to Tina Turner...

I tried it all too and nothing worked. Not even the hot needles I had in my baby toes.

Hang in there. It will soon be over.