Saturday, February 24, 2007

Quick Update

Things are great; I'm feeling more motivated and have left the apartment more now that I'm in regular conge. Easter chocolate is a-comin' and if all goes well the baby should be here by then and I can eat (more) chocolate without feeling too guilty about it. My sweater is coming along slowly but surely...I'm getting good at unknitting, that's for sure. Knitting requires an inordinate amount of patience for me, but I'm getting more confident at repairing my mistakes as opposing to giving up and starting the entire section over. I've finished half a sleeve, so I just need to finish the other sleeve before I can start on finishing up the borders and assembling. That's going to be the hardest part. I've found some more knitters in my town, so we might try and get together as a little knitting group which I desperately need since I don't know what I'm doing.

I made spicy fish cakes for the first time this week, adapted from a recipe in Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine. I looked all over for horseradish (raifort in French) but they were completely out at one supermarket. At the other supermarket, the man I asked had no idea what it even was, so I gave up and just bought a bottle of Jamaican hot sauce instead. I improvised a lot (which is dangerous for me...or at least it used to be) but they turned out really well and reminded me of honeymoon food. It was nice to be pregnant and sit with my husband, eating good food and talking about our honeymoon. In one of those "Life in France" books, I remember the author talking about how French people can sit around reminiscing about meals from years and years ago, something rather rare I suppose in American culture. Reminiscing about meals is something I can definitely do, though, although my husband has a more precise food memory than I do. Oh, yeah, back to my point: the recipe said they could be frozen for a few months so I froze enough to provide for 2 meals. Yay! At least it's something. I don't have much room in my miniscule freezer so if anyone has good, healthy, freezable suggestions I'm all ears.


Pam said...

Congrats on your knitting progress! I admire your patience with that. I think the knitting group sounds both helpful and fun so all the best in getting that going! Happy to read that all is well!

Angela in Europe said...

At least you have a freezer. I don't even have one, but I anything you find in the freezer section at the store will freeze nicely. For example, if you make lasagne one night and have left overs, you can freeze it.

Pardon My French said...

Thanks, Pam! It's coming slowly and I'm definitely learning the hard way. I'll post a picture if I can ever get it done!

Thanks, Angela! I've gotten a few more ideas but I think I'll add homemade spaghetti sauce to the list now that I read your comment about lasagne. It has to be something that will fit a certain shape and sauce will do perfectly.