Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The MIL, the sweaters and The Gambler

When my husband called his parents the other day to get their reactions to Sarkozy's "interview," my father-in-law said that my dear MIL was still knitting up a storm. Here is a photo of her first sweater and matching booties, made from Phildar's Super Baby yarn in a color whose name I can't remember. It's very, very soft and isn't too pink. I don't have the others yet, but apparently they're a-comin'. I am so grateful for my MIL and her sweaters as well as my own momma and her quilts.

In other news, still doing well. One of the questions I get asked a lot is if I'm having any strange cravings. The answer is both yes and no...I guess my diet is fairly well-balanced because I haven't had any food cravings for anything that could possibly be good for the baby. I've been having a recent love affair with dark chocolate ice cream, but I'm trying to be reasonable about husband isn't too jealous (yet). The only cravings I can say I've really had have been more psychological in nature...what do I need to do/watch/see in order to feel calm and happy. It's strange, but I'll get a wild hair about certain random things.

The weirdest one so far involves Kenny Rogers singing "The Gambler." Don't ask me why, because really, I don't know. And I can't imagine how this would possibly involve some type of development on the baby's part...if you have a theory, please let me know because I'm having trouble with this one. Anyway, the idea popped in my head and just kept getting stronger. I even went to Carrefour to see if I could find a Kenny Rogers CD (yeah, right -- but I was so compelled to try). My husband, who has never heard a Kenny Rogers song (unless you count the Islands in the Stream duet between Graham Norton and Dolly Parton), had a little trouble understanding what I was even talking about. I did my best to sing the chorus for him in all earnestness, and bless his sweet heart, he managed to keep a straight face until I reached the "when you're SIT'N at the table" and he just lost it. I don't think I've seen him laugh that hard for a while.

So, anyway, thank God for YouTube, because I managed to dig up an old video of Kenny Rogers and The Gambler to satisfy the urge. I have to say that I wonder about Kenny sometimes, because at one point it looks like he forgets the lyrics, but I guess it happens to the best of people. If you, too, have never heard Kenny Rogers, well then, this is for you -- you have to wait a bit to get to the good part, but you'll know it when you hear it:


littleone said...

Hi from japan
Nice blog, enjoyed the visit!
Keep up the good work.

Erica said...

Adorable knits!! Can't look at the video as I am at work, but we'll do later!!

Doc said...

its got to be hormonal kenny gave me goosebumps

the fabulous adventures of sarah said...


i know the reason!

you little one is sharing your southern sensabilities and hopefully your foundness for mountain music. i would not be at all suprised if she also likes to clog. that would be awesome!

when you said she was half you and half your hubby.. i almost cried, that was just amazingly beautiful!

i think about you all the time and send you the best thoughts ever, oh and LOVE the knitting!

please teach her how to clog, go on tiger hunts, read every book she can get her hands on and be as amazing as you are dear! i know you are about to become the most amazing mother!

hugs and kisses from beautiful Portland, Maine in the US!

Pardon My French said...

Littleone -- Thanks for visiting! Where in Japan do you live?

Erica -- Did you get to see the magic that is Kenny Rogers? ;)

Doc -- I wonder if he knows about his (singing) appeal to hormonal pregnant women...probably.

Sarah -- Thanks! Maybe the baby really was letting me know she's in tune with her southern American side, or maybe she just likes poker. Who knows? Stay warm in Portland...