Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Must ... Sleeeeeeeeep ...

Almost there -- today is the most difficult day standing between me and maternity leave, so tonight I'll have passed the biggest hurdle. Yesterday I started having more frequent contractions but once I got home it was okay. At 12:30 p.m. on Saturday I'm going to have myself a little party. And by having a party I mean having a nap and then attempting to pick up our stroller from the shop. I hope they remembered to order it.

In other news, though, guess who's decided to apparently renovate their apartment? That's right, the downstairs neighbors. I was trying to have a bit of a lie-in this morning when I started hearing noises sounding like someone is scraping off wallpaper: repeated scratching noises for almost an hour. Currently it sounds like they're banging on their radiator with a hammer. Oh, well. That can't last forever. (Can it?? Does anyone know how long this is likely to last?)


Erica said...

Hi! Thanks for your welcome!

I think you should go downstairs and politely ask the neighbours to keep the noise to a minimum, or to wait until after 10am, so you can sleep in peace- ok, it might not work at all, but at least you will feel better for trying.

Do you know them at all, are you in good terms with them? I don't know in Paris, but in London my neighbours change every 6 months and we hardly know any of them.

I hope for you that it won't last long anyway.

Pam said...

uh-oh. Renovations downstairs in the same sentence is not good :(
Fingers crossed that whatever they're doing will be finished quickly!

PutYourFlareOn said...

OH, that's the worst when you want to sleep! I hope it ends soon! Enjoy your maternity leave!

Astrid said...


We renovated our 60m2 flat in about 1,5 months. However the scraping off the wallpaper didn't take that long and the painting you shouldn't hear unless their doing something very strange with their walls :)

I'd follow Erica's suggetion. Starting making noise only after 10am should be just normal courtesy, like it is not making noise after 10pm in the evenings.

Good luck and hopefully have a good rest too!

Angela in Europe said...

Um, they have been working on the apartment next to mine for 4 months. They start at 8 work until 9, take a 2 hour break, work for an hour, take a 2 hour break and then bang around until 5. Needless to say, sleeping in or even a nap is impossible. Get some foam earplugs.

Pardon My French said...

Erica -- Good advice! I'm not sure if I have enough nerve to follow through given the fact I will soon have a crying baby. If it gets bad enough, I just might, though. Today things started before 8:00 -- eek.

Pam -- Thanks for the support!

Aimee -- Thanks, and you too! I need to put up some pictures of knitting, although I don't have much to show for my own efforts. Yet.

Astrid -- Yikes. 1.5 months! I guess it depends on what they're doing. Today involved hammering but the scraping has stopped! Thanks for commenting!

Angela -- Oh, no, even worse. Although I can deal with the 2 hour breaks if I can just schedule them right...I'll take 2 hours of sleep. Today I did learn though that if I'm tired enough I can sleep through it. More on that later...