Friday, November 17, 2006

Two of My Favorite Things

There is a bitchy post in me just waiting to be written, but I'm going to hold off on that until I feel less cranky (and, I hope, won't write something that will get me fired). Until then, I'll cling to the bright spots that got me through yesterday.

The first bright spot was checking the mail and receiving a surprise package from my darling sister containing the recently-released DVD of "Cars." I come from what can only be called a "car family" -- possibly the root cause of my ongoing issues with the Twingo -- so we were all pretty entertained by a Disney film about Nascar. We watched it last night and even Simon has been to enough family dinners to appreciate some of the inside jokes. Thanks, Sissy!

The second bright spot was a overall successful attempt at making pulled pork barbecue sandwiches, along with homemade cole slaw. It wasn't the absolute best barbecue sandwich I've ever had, but it was pretty durn good and Simon gave it his stamp of approval. We fixed it up in the pressure cooker so it didn't take long at all. We did have a small debate on whether cooking pork longer in the pressure cooker results in more tender meat (like beef) or whether it makes it if you know the answer to this question, we'd love to know! Anyway, it was definitely a "Southern" night for us and I went to sleep full and happy.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have a truly lovely sister. My you are a lucky one. I'm not sure about the pork, but glad you had a good southern dinner. Have a great day good to read your blog.

Doc said...

BBQ, Bar Be Que (can't help but think of the nutball in the Green Mile everytime).
I use a bone-in pork shoulder that I let cook all day in a crock pot (which I had to bring, along with an adapter, from the states, but they do exist here if you're willing to look). Usually cooking it longer will make in more tender unless you have a very lean piece--the less fat, the higher the risk of having rubber. I usually try to let it cook down until it is falling off the bone--a good indication that it is not only tender, but melt-in-your mouth succulant.
mmmmmm barbeque! (drool, drool)

Angela in Europe said...

Oh, go ahead. let the bitchy post rip. I always feel so much better after I get it out. You can post it on my blog if you are worried about people finding you out.