Monday, September 25, 2006

Looking on the bright side

First of all, let me just say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has left a nice comment or e-mailed me. I need to hear that and it really does help. Y'all are wonderful.

This makes the 4th day in a row that I haven't been ill in the morning. I still feel funky from time to time, but I am starting to actually feel hungry again. There are even times when I'm ready to dance around and sing James Brown. Woo! Yeah! So good! This is a biiig change and I'm relieved, quite frankly. I've held back from posting more about my homesickness and just general misery for the past 3 months, but once I think I can write about it without sounding too sorry for myself or too bitter, I will get it out. It was hard to really separate the geniune things that bothered me from the mood swings and morning sickness. I want to be fair when I whine (although I'm sure it's less entertaining then the insane rants that have come out of my mouth in recent history). That's for later, though. It's not really France itself that was the problem -- it's the fact that I was in a foreign country and had a hard time with my doctor (lack of warmth doesn't even come close to explaining the situation), and probably needed to dig up a support system for myself a little earlier.

Currently, though, the sun is shining and I'm feeling well-nourished and happy enough to be where I'm at. We had a great weekend, including a kick-butt free jazz concert on Saturday night. My husband has been so wonderful to me and I've wanted to be able to find something he'd really like to do. This was perfect because: 1) my husband already knew about this group, 2) they featured an awesome saxophone player, and, most importantly 3) it was free. I cannot get this man to spend money on himself (which I guess I should be grateful for) but it would make me so happy to do more things like this for him. We didn't call enough in advance to have secure tickets, so we showed up one hour before the show began and were first on a very long waiting list.

So, on to the things I have recently accomplished:

I have officially declared my pregnancy to all the government agencies that I am supposed to (as far as I know). I have copies with a date stamp, so in any case we should be fine if/when our file is lost.

I have made my next ultrasound appointment with a doctor that doesn't stress me out, and my next follow-up appointment with the lesser of two stressors. As soon as I can, I am switching over to the hospital staff because I have heard more and more good things about the quality of care there. "I am able to take control of this situation" is my new motto. One great thing I need to remember about France is that I am not locked into any kind of HMO dealie -- I did have to declare my general physician, but aside from that I am free to switch my gyno/ultrasound people. So, that's off my plate and I'm not carrying that around any longer.

I have received my new contract and have notified my employers in plenty of time to find me a replacement. My main boss was very, very nice and supportive and we'll see about the rest. Her support means a lot to me, though.

I have scheduled my first yoga session, which apparently is covered 100% by the national health plan. God bless you, France. I am so not flexible, though, so God help her when she finds out just how bendy I am not.

I can do this. I can have my baby here, no problem.


Pam said...


Everything is coming together for you! I'm so excited for you, you and your hubby, and you, hubby and baby
: )


(I'll take your glass for now)

Roger said...

Congrats. You'll have to pick a french name, I guess.

Doc said...

having babies over here ain't too bad--done did it twiced.
the really important thing is to find a doctor and eventually a midwife with whom you are comfortable. the midwife (sage-femme) will be your best help before during and after the birth--if you have a normal delivery chances are you wont see your doctor anyway. So go to your birth classes (6th or 7th month is when they usually start), visit the delivery ward (they might look at you strange, but so what) and enjoy your pregnancy! and if you need to rant, I'm around...

Anonymous said...

Oh, my what a great way to start my week. We love reading about all your happenings and glad to see everything falling into place you are something else young lady. Have a great one and I'll be in touch.

Angela in Europe said...

I was wondering about the baby issues here in France, but you know, they have some of the best health care in the world. I wouldn't know because I still dont have my carte vitale (after a f-ing year!). How cool that you get to take Yoga though! Don't worry about not being flexible. I wasnt at all when I started and I still loved every minute of it

Riana said...

I love being pregnant in France. Definitely find another OB gyn, I love mine and she has made such a huge difference. (I am 20 weeks) Also I just got a sage-femme and made an appointment to register to have my baby at a private clinic (french insurance pays for most of it) and its plush like having your baby in a hotel. I had my doc write me a prescription for massages too, all covered! If you get the sciatica pain have them do that!

It is awesome here, hang in there! Ginger sweets help with the nausea.

Deb said...

Congrats on the baby! Glad to hear that you are feeling better. I am 25 weeks along myself, and I know how crappy you can feel at times. All the best for you and your baby! =o)