Saturday, July 01, 2006

Yesterday was unusual in that I got flowers from both of my classes. The gorgeous bouquet featured in the picture came from my Army class -- I so totally did not deserve something that beautiful. They are really sweet, thoughtful people. I really haven't gotten a formal gift like that from an adult class, so obviously I was touched. And in my last 'little people' class for the year I received one of those green and white clover flowers from one of the kiddies -- she came running in the door, held it out in her chubby little hand and said, "I picked this for YOU." It was very sweet and I wanted to put it with the other flowers, but I put it behind my ear and lost it somewhere during one of the physical activties, unfortunately. After the crappy mood I was in on Thursday, the week ended on an extremely good note.

We also rented a movie that I'd never heard of but turned out to be one I loved: St. Jacques...La Mecque. It was directed by Coline Serreau, who did 3 hommes et un couffin (3 men and a baby), and for me it was perfect. It touched on relevant topics without being stressful, and even though the ending was a little bit fantastic I was sucked in. You know how there are some movies that keep you captivated well after they're over? This one was like that for me -- I'd much rather be left optimistic. The storyline involves 3 estranged siblings who are completing a pilgrimage to St. Jacques in order to receive their inheritance, but the other pilgrims in the group are just as interesting. My favorite character was a young Muslim man characterized as 'naive;' his cousin told him that they were going to Mecca despite the obvious fact that there were lots of trips to cathedrals. Anyone else have feel-good movies to recommend? I'm very behind and have a long list of videos to rent this summer, starting with Narnia.


Anonymous said...

So happy for a good ending to a bad start.
Had a great trip to Fletcher for a car show and punkin did fine without us. Although he was truly happy to see us. Just an over night.
Hope to talk to you tomorrow.

Angela in Europe said...

I havent been able to keep up with movies since moving to France, but I liked Geisha. I didnt think the story line was all that great, but it was a beautiful movie and it does leave you feeling good at the end.