Tuesday, July 11, 2006

France is green and shiny, and there are less of those little black bugs today

If ever there were a day to be described as nothing but fantastic, it would have been today. I hope I just didn't jinx myself for the rest of it, because it's not over... but so far, really so good. Everything is clear, shiny, and green, although part of that might be my new contacts. (I've stopped constantly weeping, too -- more good news).

This morning I got up and had tea with a good friend of mine in her garden. Nothing but happiness and love all around. Is this what France is like when everyone's ready to go on vacation? I think I love it.

My private lesson went well; she's in high school and quite shy, but very nice and she did a lot of low-key talking. I really like her.

I had lunch with a friend and then we went off to do a bit of shopping. I got a few things I needed, including a wallet appropriate for my new carte du sejour and driver's license -- yay! I cannot tell you how many times I've thought I'd lost my license but it was just hiding in the black hole otherwise known as my purse. Picked up a cute t-shirt for the husband; he might complain but he will be a total stud in it and his others are being chewed on by the washing machine when I'm not looking.

And, best of all, those freaky little black 'betes d'orage' have seemed to have disappeared. Yesterday I discovered what they were about 30 seconds before teaching my BTS class, so you can imagine the fun and games. I'm sure it was entertaining for the students, but I had to sit on my hands to keep from compulsively swatting and writhing to get rid of the little bast--I mean, critters. (I am talking about the bugs, not the students, by the way, although there were a couple who deserved a good swat.) There are these miniscule specks of insects that, rumour has it, appear before storms and they were everywhere yesterday. They aren't harmful but they are said to be ticklish. Perhaps they really aren't ticklish, but after being told that I became convinced I had things crawling all over me throughout the class from hell.

Stud muffin is home, so I'm signing off...

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Samantha said...

That's so funny, finding a new wallet that would fit my new cds and driver's license (coming soon hopefully) was on my to-do list for this week as well! Did you have any luck?