Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Blah. Insomnia.

I don't know why, but I'm having a bit of a hard time going to sleep. Oh, wait -- I do was so cold at work today that I drank a whole bunch of coffee throughout the afternoon just to keep warm. Wednesdays are my busiest days...I show up at work around 8:30 and get back home a little after 8 p.m. I do have some breaks in the middle but I find myself not using my time efficiently, unfortunately. I ended up feeling cold and drinking Carrefour Cappucinos one after the other. Not a good idea in the long run, as it turns out, but I knew that already. It was just an okay day of classes...I know that I got some things accomplished, but everyone was distracted easily today. Is it because of my mood, the weird weather, or because the year is wrapping up? Who knows, but I'll get them back on track next week. No choice about it!

On Saturday after I finished teaching S. and I went shopping for baby stuff. Thanks to everyone for their really helped! I think she liked her gifts and I have more ideas for the next go-round once the baby actually arrives. It was interesting to hear about the list of stuff she has to take to the hospital, but I guess that's something that comes with the territory of universal health care. You might as well bring your own towel so you're not charged for it, I reckon. Now, I know this is going to sound selfish, but I am glad on my part to be able to find out how pregnancies are handled here before we get started on a family. I try very hard to have few expectations and to keep an open mind about all kinds of stuff, but still I like to be somewhat prepared before the actual event. Although as far as pregnancy goes, I doubt I'll ever really be prepared for labor and will just have to suck it up like everyone else. The sleep deprivation I just try not to think about, as I'm obviously part of the sloth family when it comes to needing sleep. Yesterday I talked to two of my best friends back home with toddlers, and that really cheered me up and put me in a great mood. I miss them...have got to get a webcam and Skype! If I ever get pregnant, I need them to be my cheerleaders because they are so good at it.

On a last note...I managed to finish Snow by Orhan Pamuk, which was not what I'd call an easy read, but I enjoyed tremendously overall. It was really a layered book and I think we'll have a lot to talk about at the next book club meeting. Lots of interesting ideas about the conflict between Islam and the West, with controversy over head scarves thrown in. I am also currently slogging my way through Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, who I think was a crackpot but interesting at the same time. I can't figure her out. Everything to me seems so extreme and ridiculous with horrid, flat characters and as soon as I get a little bit of respect for the book, it's ruined by another exaggeration on her part. Then it gets better and I think I underestimate her, and the cycle begins anew. Maybe I just don't know how to find her wisdom but I'm pretty sure Objectivism is not for me. I'm really curious to read Alan Greenspan's autobiography (I'm assuming he's working on one) to find out what on earth he was thinking. No matter what, I'm sure that woman had some kind of charisma. I also finished Chourmo by Jean-Claude Izzo, which was a nice policier that wasn't too difficult to read. One of my new year's goals was to read a non-fiction book every month (along with a book in French), and, well, I'm failing miserably. I keep telling myself that once summer vacation hits I'll make up for lost time, but that defeats the purpose. What are you reading?


Pam said...

Been away for awhile,it's good to catch up with you!

I'm currently reading A Lotus Grows in the Mud (Goldie Hawn's autobiography), A Year in the Merde and The Kite Runner. A true blend of my fav reads: an autobio, humor and depth!

Anonymous said...

I guess you will have to stop the caffine after 4:00pm and hopefully the sleep will come.
Good you talked to your friends hope all is well.
take care and write again soon.