Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Another Wednesday that I've survived. Don't get me wrong, I like Wednesdays well enough but I'm always exhausted by the end of this Very Long Day. My kiddie groups went well enough, and I think they'll be in decent enough shape for the end-of-year show. I will miss them over the summer, but I'll be glad for the break, to be honest. My group of CM2 students knocked my socks off by actually practicing "Singing in the Rain" at home so they knew most of it in class today and also by doing a marvelous job at fake tap dancing. Luckily for me they seem to have the same goofy sense of humor that I do, so their routine should be fairly entertaining if they continue as is. In fact, I cracked up all day at the kids because they were so into the singing and dancing part. I really hope they'll perform in front of a group the same way they do for me, but I am sure they'll be somewhat inhibited in front of all the parents. They all came up with different characters to portray during the old lady, a duck, etc. I can't wait.

My next oldest group of students is singing and dancing to "Chicken is My Favorite Treat," a children's classic straight out of their English textbook. It sounds pretty dorky, but it's actually well done for a textbook song. They endeared themselves to me forever by the interpretive dancing they came up with at the end of the song. All I have to do for them is to make them fake chef's hats and we'll be off. And they've got the words down forever, so if they remember nothing else from me, they will be able to have lengthy discussions about foods they like. How appropriate for French children, right? One mother told me that they are starting to use English at home which made my day. Someone in my youngest class remarked that Sunday was Mother's Day so I told them if they really wanted to impress their mother they could sing her a song in English: Happy Mum's Day to You, which sounds incredibly like Happy Birthday. We practiced once or twice for the fun of it and I could see the light bulbs going off. I'm not sure if they'll remember or not, but at least I tried.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a lot of hard work is paying off. have a great break and try some camping.
someone should have their truck today is all goes well.

take care and keep writing.

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