Sunday, April 02, 2006

Today we saw a double rainbow from our apartment. We were all sprawled out on the couch recovering from the week when I looked out the window and noticed the rainbows. I got so excited. I felt like a kid again, although I reckon that happens fairly often. People say it's good to be young at heart, but sometimes I have a suspicion it just means I'm immature. Anyway, I thought I'd share the moment with you all:

You can't really see the second, lighter rainbow very well from the photos, but it's the lighter spot outside of the main rainbow.

Today we just took it easy. We slept in and took only a short walk this afternoon. I finished Midnight's Children and am going to attempt to finish the non-fiction book on language evolution out of pure stubborness (and a desire to get it over with). Yesterday we had some of S.'s friends from high school over for dinner. I love seeing my husband with his old friends. I still feel a little awkward around them, even though they are really nice and very patient listeners.

I made a cake that I noticed on bcinfrance's website, but it was the first time I'd ever made anything in a tube pan. The first mistake was not turning it upside down to cool, so it collapsed on one side. Then it fell apart as I tried to get it out of the pan, so I'll either need to put paper down inside the pan or figure out some other way of preventing it from sticking to the bottom. The good news is that it tasted fine, so I told S. to ply our guests with more wine so they wouldn't be so critical of its ugliness. It really reminded me of my initial efforts at creative cake baking for the #1 Ladies Generic Book Club (all in the name of silliness and girly fun) -- the bee hive cake that I had to spackle with icing (specially made for The Secret Life of Bees) and then the infamous windmill cake that looked suspiciously like the bee hive cake except for the blue bits (specially made for The Girl in Hyacinth Blue). S's friends handled the situation with polite tact and didn't even remark on the appearance (unlike one of my favorite members of the #1LGBC who blurted out, "Good Lord, what is THAT?!" upon first glimpsing the windmill). Yeah, this time I wasn't really going for silliness, to be honest. I'll keep working at day I'll have a cake that both looks and tastes good.


bcinfrance said...

Oh my, I didn't have any of these problems with the cake! Glad it tasted good, though. You probably needed to grease the pan more, and it's always best to let the cake cool before taking the cake out.

I hardly knew how to cook when I moved to France in 1990, so don't despair!

Kim/Thomas said...

how beautiful to see a rainbow, what a blessing:) I always get so excited and the kids once followed the end, just to pretend to find the leprechaun!! :) kim