Tuesday, April 11, 2006

This week I've been teaching English at what I guess you'd call an English camp. So far I've really enjoyed the kids...I knew a couple of them from before and the others are really cute. This time I'm split between the 11-12 year olds and the high schoolers. I really dig the younger ones, although the high schoolers are just fine (so far). I have to go over a bit of grammar since some of them are there for that specific reason, but the older ones glaze over pretty quickly despite my best efforts to make it less boring. I'm sure they get hit with pretty heavy doses of it at school, so I tried to keep it to a "tell me what you know and then let's review" kind of thing, and then get them using the patterns and expand from there. I taught the young ones "What's up? Nothing." yesterday just for fun and they really got into it. They get so happy, so easily...they learned the word 'band' (as in musical group) and got all puffed up because none of the high schoolers knew what it meant. I like this bippity-boppity age.

Other than that, nothing much is really different. I bought fresh cod from the fishmonger today and baked it in the oven. I wish I knew more about fish...which kind is supposed to be high quality and then what I should do with it. This evening I just baked it in the oven and we ate it with yesterday's cauliflower and potato. I'm not sure what the dude heard when I asked for my cabillaud, but he started to give me the piece with skin and bones instead of the nice fillet. We straightened it out without any trouble but I'm sure part of the problem was that I just seem to scream "FOREIGNER" without even opening my mouth. I'm sure it was the sunglasses, but they come in so handy for keeping both the sun and my hair out of my eyes I don't think I could do without them. Maybe I should just invest in more scarves.


Pam said...

Just found your blog - it's great! Looking forward to reading more!

bcinfrance said...

Good luck teaching English -- I've been doing it for 16 years now! Kids are fun but sometimes their progress is disappointing. The fact is, it takes a long time to learn a language. Think about yourself and learning French!

Kim/Thomas said...

Oh how I wish I could send pickles to a camp like that!
I know how you feel about feeling like a foreigner, it must be so much more of a feeling in france, but honestly even in montreal, I feel like they are staring at me the whole time, thinking...foreigner foreigner!!
I try to speak the little tiny french that I know, and they answer me in english, and I say, that bad huh? and they agree :O!!
oh la la!
thanks for wishing me a happy b'day, it made my day:)
my parents totally forgot, i mean, really, does that really happen, to me yes, it happens! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Frenchie
We love your blog!!! We totally miss you and hope you and S doing well.

Love T&C, the crazy Canadians