Friday, April 28, 2006

Just checking in...

I haven't been able to update in a while after going back to work; I hope I'll be able to catch up tonight or tomorrow. There are photos I want to add...on S.'s birthday we walked down to look at an antique car rally and we took loads of pictures for dear old Dad. It's a good thing that I'm pratically a professional at attending antique car shows and entertaining myself by looking at wheeled vehicles that I know very little about. I try and fake it, though, and it's actually quite nice that I can have this kind of Sunday afternoon old-car thing here, too. I'm trying to convince my husband to buy and restore one so I can be driven around in it, but he's not as keen on that as I am. Seeing as how 1): he'd be the one to do all the work and 2) we have no place to put it, I'm not sure this dream of mine will ever come true. This kind of pipe dream runs in my just have to talk to my mom, who bought my father all kinds of wood-working machines so he would make her furniture. As they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink, so I reckon mom will have to put on her apron and turn on those saws, and I'll have to figure out how to use those wrenches and the sandblaster. Just call me Hyacinth.

In other news, I'm apparently allergic to France, or at least to some kind of pollen here. I've never had any trouble with allergies before my first trip here. The eye doctor here was amazing and fit me in right away, and I didn't have to pay anything (yet) for my prescription at the pharmacy. That really helps to make up for all the other hassles and bureaucratic red tape. Next goal: working up the nerve to go to the dentist.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, boy, bet that was a fun day. The little ones are something else and I guess you will learn to wipe a few fanny's one day.
Sorry you are having some alergies, but glad you were able to go to the eye doc.
Loved the car blog and Dad thought that was neat. Meant to call, but somehow he always gets outside before I get around to it.
Love you guys and hope to talk to you before long.